Thank you for Taking The TechPACT Pledge.

Here are some things you can do today to demonstrate your commitment:

  • Provide feedback and insights to help shape our agenda and priorities for success in the year ahead:

  • Have others take the Pledge

  • Share The TechPACT’s mission

  • Support The TechPACT community

  • Add a diverse candidate to your team

  • Mentor or sponsor a diverse colleague

  • Buy from a minority supplier

  • Volunteer at an organization that shares our commitment

  • Speak up when you see micro-aggressions or subtle acts of exclusion

  • Evaluate candidates based on skills instead of degrees

 And here are The TechPACT’s Guiding Principles:

  • Membership is inclusive. Anyone who takes the pledge and completes a profile is considered a member.
  • Membership carries no fee, but requires an obligation to be active in contributing to the mission of The TechPACT.
  • Members shall refrain from attempting to use their TechPACT association for profit.
  • The TechPACT name or logo can only be used by corporate entities with written permission and never in a manner to suggest endorsement.
  • The TechPACT may forge partnerships with nonprofit or educational organizations that measurably advance The TechPACT’s mission.
  • Voluntary corporate, foundation and individual donations are accepted to cover general operating expenses.
  • The TechPACT will not enter into commercial partnerships or transactions—philanthropic or otherwise—that imply endorsement of entities, products or services.



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