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TechPACT Digest - April 2024 Issue

Although studies show girls outperform boys in STEM subjects, women remain underrepresented in tech. Some reasons include absence of diversity in the workplace, coupled with a lack of encouragement or sometimes even discouragement to pursue diverse careers in school. Read on to learn how CIOs and tech professionals can help more women pursue tech careers and apply for tech roles.  

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To encourage women to pursue tech and apply for tech positions we recommend the following strategies 

Encourage women with a passion in tech – are you a woman technologist? Inspire other women by being a visible role model. Speak at career days and other outreach programs. You can also share your story through your social media channels and other platforms, such as TechPACT's Ignite! program. Reach out to to register your interest in Ignite!

Female representation at your workplace - Are women equally represented in leadership positions? If not, take a look at your hiring panels. Ensure appropriately experienced women candidates are always represented in candidate slates.

Equal pay for both men and women - Research shows women in tech roles earn an average of $60,000 compared to the men's average of $85,000. Conduct a salary review of like positions and determine an approach to close wage gaps 

Create a flexible workplace – A study from Deloitte reports that women are likely to leave their tech roles due to inflexible hours. Examine how your team tends to work. Encourage ways of working that support flexibility like asynchronous communication when a meeting is not necessary.

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Live our +1 Credo

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Acceptance and tolerance are created by actively expanding our boundaries of understanding. Add +1 thing to things you do every day- read a book you wouldn't otherwise read, listen to a song you wouldn't otherwise listen to, or sponsor a diverse colleague.    

Read 'Behind You is the Sea' by Susan Darraj

A captivating first novel that amplifies the voices of the varied inhabitants of a Palestinian American neighborhood in Baltimore. It portrays the lives of young activists challenging their conservative parents and the struggles of the working class, illustrating how their paths cross despite differences in class, age, and religious beliefs. Click the button below to read.

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Get Involved

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Speak at an event and transform a life. Send us an email at to register for upcoming speaking events. 

We recently shared an opportunity for tech professionals to speak at a career day in high school, read Susan's experience below 

"I found the event to be incredibly impressive. It was well-organized, thoughtfully planned, and the level of student engagement was remarkable. 

The event was positive, impactful, and well-received by both speakers and students. The student presentations were impressive and showcased their genuine involvement and commitment to learning. It was evident that they had a vested interest in their education and community."


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