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TechPACT Digest - October 2023 Issue

Welcome to the October edition of TechPACT's Newsletter!  

In our previous edition of the newsletter, we announced the upcoming launch of our first mentoring program, the First 50. Mentoring allows experienced individuals to pass on their knowledge, skills, and expertise to the next generation. This ensures that valuable insights and best practices are not lost but instead, continue to benefit the industry. To register your interest, use the template below to send us an email and we will be in touch with the next steps. 

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DEIB Spotlight 

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Hispanic Heritage Month is a time of reflection and celebration, recognizing the significant contributions of Hispanics and Latinos to the United States. It's a tribute to the rich cultural tapestry woven by those whose roots trace back to Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. 

During this important month, we are honored to introduce some amazing organizations leading DEIB in the Hispanic Community:  

National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers 

Their mission is to enhance the recruitment, development, and retention of Hispanics in the federal workforce. They play a vital role in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring that the federal government benefits from the talent and perspectives of this vibrant and diverse community. Together, we celebrate heritage and work towards a more inclusive future.  

Hispanic Technology Executive Council 

HiTEC's mission is to empower Hispanic technology professionals to accelerate leadership capacity through access to a network of business leaders and decision-makers at the highest levels of the global economy. HiTec provides culturally relevant leadership development, educational programming, and mentoring. They also inspire Hispanic students and professionals to develop confidence and a path to their ambitions while positively impacting lasting equity for our shared community. 


Techqueria has 18,000+ members and allies in their network and their online Slack community has 12,000+ members with nearly a quarter engaging on a weekly basis. Their goal is to serve all tech professionals throughout their career growth by offering community to all members, from marketing professionals to engineers. Particularly, they are interested in elevating the voices of these professionals to leadership roles within the tech space. 


Live Our +1 Credo  

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Acceptance and tolerance are created by actively expanding our boundaries of understanding. Add +1 thing to things you do every day- read a book you wouldn't otherwise read, listen to a song you wouldn't otherwise listen to, or sponsor a diverse colleague.    

Sponsor a diverse colleague 

In Don't Just Mentor Women and People of Color. Sponsor Them, HBR describes the differences between sponsorship and mentorship.  According to author Rosalind Chow, "Mentorship involves direct support of a protégé, while sponsorship focuses on others' impressions of that person." 

Angel Henry of AngelsSpeaking, is a published author with a passion for diversity in tech. Her knowledge of the struggles of women and people of colour becoming C-Suite Excutives provides awareness for technology leaders to drive change. Watch the video below to learn why Sponsorship is important from Angel. 

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Get Involved

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Take center stage, build eminence, and unlock the future of technology by sharing your expert insights and visionary opinions.   

Our speaking opportunities offer a vibrant platform for you to inspire the tech community. Join us and be the voice that shapes the industry. 

Don't miss out—your ideas could spark the next tech revolution. Send an email to to register your interest and we'll add you to our list for future opportunities.  


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NaviSite, a trusted digital transformation partner. 

NaviSite empowers customers to navigate change and drive business outcomes through every part of the modernization lifecycle, from cloud migration and management to enterprise application, intelligent automation and cybersecurity. 

We thank them for their tremendous support in helping maintain TechPACT's digital footprint. 

Visit their website to learn more about their services and how they can help you.

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The opportunities to create DEIB are numerous, and the impact of our collective action is endless. Do you have an intriguing idea on DEIB? Tell us about it and get featured in our newsletter. 

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